As we dance in the fire's glow of love & happiness, let us not wander too far from what is true in our hearts and souls.  Life is a beautiful dance, as we take each step we realize that without the pain, we may have never known the joy of what we are seeing and feeling. 
As we begin to gently sway our bodies to the music, we soon understand the depths of another's pain.  Tho we may hurt for them, we can never truly know their pain.  We can, however, give love to ease that pain, a smile to say....  
If I were to be a word, and had the choice of the one to be, I'd need no dictionary to find the one that fits me perfectly,    Oh how graciously and magnificently, it takes a place among the words.  And then it's left separately, and is seldom heard.  It does not take a genius to know why it fits me, For like the word itself........Loneliness is unlike anything we will ever feel.  Loneliness is a choice to protect ourselves. Loneliness is the pain I feel.........
This site has begun a life of it's very
own it seems.  Please understand, for
me to take the steps to create this site
and let out all of what is in the "Me" 
and in my life on such a public place, 
is something I never dreamed I could
do.  It's so scary to me right now. 
I'm very closed, and very private in all
that I am.  This site has begun what I
refer to as my healing.  Please take the
time to see the fear that lives deep
inside my soul everyday as you walk
through this site, and enjoy the journey,
as I have enjoyed walking the path to
healing the "me" that has been in
hiding since the very first hurt entered
into my life. 
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