As we walk through our daily lives, we sometimes forget the special ones that are there for us as we fall, as we pick ourselves up and go on.  I am one who values my family & friends with the highest regard. These pages are to say in a small way " I LOVE YOU "..... I am so blessed to have been touched by many in my life.  I pray everyday that I can touch 
them as well, with even a small portion
 of how they have touched me.. To
 everyone that has a place on my web site, know that you are loved more than words can say. I am now & will always 
be here for you......
As the wings above are placed so beautifully, so shall all the ones that have helped me with this site.  Many have given me thoughts, and sent me pictures.  I am grateful for all that have been my inspiration with this project.... As the wings are doing, soar through life with all the love & joy that your 
heart can give and receive.
Michael, you're a very special man.. I thank you from the bottom of my heart
for all your valuable time you have 
given to me on this site......