How do I begin to tell the " Special ones" how much you mean to me?  There is a place in my soul that is now forever touched by your very presence in my life. For without you, I feel I would not be the woman I am now.  Some of you have touched me more deeply than others, but at no time is one more important than the other.  I try everyday to say " I love you " in the small things I do but, there are no words, no things I can truly do, to ever tell any one of you how I feel to know you, to be near you, to love you.  May this page express to you what I can't seem to do.......... 
I don't need a 
or a name.
For You are in my
heart and soul
As we amble through every day, let us not forget the ones that have helped us. Let us not forget the ones we love so dearly.  As we wake each morning, let us remember to say a kind word, give a smile, give an embracing hug.  As we lay our bodies to rest at night, let us remember to pray: " Dear lord hear me now, tell them I love them, keep them safe, happy, and show them the way to peace"..........