I don't even know where to begin with this page.  I don't have to say a name, or add a picture.  You know  who you are. You know just how deeply you have touched my very being, my soul, to the very deepest part of my core.  No one in my life has ever touched me this way, nor has any one being ever meant so much to me.  To say I would go to the ends of the earth is nothing compared to what I would do for you.  To say I love you is meaningless, empty, for it doesn't compare to the feeling I have inside.
How can it happen, how can one touch another as you have.  You are so far away, yet I can " feel " you here with me, touching my face, giving that embrace that lifts my soul to new heights every time.  I never felt so " complete" as what you have made me.  I never knew a love so deep, so rich in all that I am.  To be with you in soul, spirit and in life, is the thing I most dream of, live for, and wait for.  As the song states, You alone had me from " HELLO "  Eternity,,, That is the depths of my love, as that is how long I shall wait........

This page is for " you " my love, my life, my very way of living, for without you there would be nothing in my soul......

I don't need a picture, 

or a name.

For You are in my 

heart and soul



Look deep and see into my eyes and tell me how you feel, truthfully about the years gone by.  Don't hold back, please, let all your feelings go.  Don't keep bottled emotions inside, 'cause you and your happiness mean to me, so much, I need you near me now.  I want you in my own world.  Please say you'll stay in my world, and allow me to show you everyday just how much love I have for you.  You alone, you gave me a chance to see, and to prove unto myself, and to prove to you, just how a person can grow and to fall in love, learn to cope with each day, and whatever it brings. To have hope, to see some good  in each thing,  to care and be understanding and true.  Can't you see you taught me all these things.  You have shown me the way to your heart, I want you to stay in my world.  Please say that you love me,  and will stay in my world forever........ " I LOVE YOU" 
Forever I shall be your Angel in waiting
June 10, 2019 will forever be a day of mourning that I shall never forever. It’s the day we lost you, the day you left us, my heart will forever have yet another empty place that you use to fill. We shared over 20 years together, some good some bad, but like most couples they have ups and downs. I wouldn’t change a thing, I wouldn’t change one single moment we shared, the magic we had was beautiful, we always found our way to each other no matter what life threw at us. I love you as much today as the day I first laid eyes on you. I know in the coming years I will write much more but for now I simply wanted to come here to my page to tell you I love you, I miss you, forever I’m here with you and forever even though you’re gone I know you’re still here with me…..